Josh Teitelbaum

Los Angeles based drummer and producer.

Drum Kits

1967 Ludwig Champagne Sparkle (20, 12, 13, 16)

1969 Ludwig Gold Sparkle (20, 12, 13, 16)

1966 Ludwig White Marine Club Date (22, 13, 14)

1950's Frankenkit (WFL / Slingerland)


1970’s Ludwig Supraphonic 6.5×14″

1966 Ludwig Acrolite 5x14"

1970’s Slingerland Silver Sparkle 5×14″

1960′s Gretsch Chrome Round Badge 5×14″

1970’s Slingerland Chrome 5×14″

1970’s Ludwig Acrolite 5×14″

1970’s Slingerland Gold 6×14″

1960’s Ludwig Supraphonic 5×14″

1940's Ludwig WFL Parade Drum 15x12

1966 Ludwig Jazz Festival 5×14″


Istanbul Agop 22" 30th Anniversary Ride

Istanbul Agop 22" Vezir Jazz Ride

Istanbul Agop 22" Xist Crash

Istanbul Agop 21" Mel Lewis Ride

Istanbul Agop 21" Special Edition Jazz Ride

Istanbul Agop 17" Hi-Hats – Traditional Dark Crash / Xist Crash

Zildjian Vintage Avedis Hi-Hats – 16″

Paiste Signature Extra Thin Ride 22″


Assorted percussion (congas, bongos, cajon, tambourines, shakers, cowbells, blocks, etc.)

Remo Heads and Vic Firth Sticks/Brushes/Mallets


Yamaha Upright Piano

Electric Wurlitzer 200A


Fender Strat

Fender P-Bass


Logic and Protools

UAD Apollo x8 Quad

Focusrite Scarlett OctoPre


Fender Super Reverb

Fender Rumble Studio

Carvin Vintage Tube